Executive Board


Position Name Email
President Tracy L. Jones President@dsttricountymd.org
First Vice President/Chair of Program Planning & Development Lucinda Jefferson FirstVP@dsttricountymd.org
Second Vice President/Chair of Membership Kaprece James SecondVP@dsttricountymd.org
Recording Secretary LaShawn Moore Recordingsecretary@dsttricountymd.org
Corresponding Secretary Shaquisha Bishop Correspondingsecretary@dsttricountymd.org
Treasurer/Chair of Budget and Finance Kimberly Robinson Treasurer@dsttricountymd.org
Financial Secretary Karen Brown Financialsecretary@dsttricountymd.org
Assistant Financial Secretary Terrolyn Ali AssistFinancialsecretary@dsttricountymd.org


Position Name Email
Chair, Internal Audit Committee Aisha Tyus internalaudit@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Nominating Committee Roberta Berry nominating@dsttricountymd.org


Position Name Email
Chair, Arts and Letters Tiara Butler ArtsandLetters@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Emergency Response Team Sharron DaCosta-Chisley ERT@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Fundraising Chrystal Henderson Fundraising@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Heritage and Archives Ava Morton Heritage@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Information and Communications Bernadine Williams Stallings Communications@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Membership Services Elaine Hardee Membershipservices@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Policies and Procedures Lisa Williams Policies@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Program Planning & Development Lucinda Jefferson FirstVP@dsttricountymd.org
PPD – Co-Chair Community Outreach Cynthia Thorne-Carter
Chair, Protocol and Traditions Christienne Warren Protocol@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Risk Management Letitia Little RiskMgmt@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Ritual and Ceremonies Sequaya Tasker Ceremonies@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Scholarship Treesa Elam-Respass Scholarship@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Social Action Ashleigh Phillips & LaVita Gardner SocialAction@dsttricountymd.org
Chair, Strategic Planning Susan Black StrategicPlanning@dsttricountymd.org
Immediate Past President LeStancia Spaght